September Field Season

I have the best office view in  Canada

There is not a more beautiful time of year in Parrsboro than September and October. The weather is perfect, with lots of sun in the day but refreshing cool evenings.

High tide sedimentation patterns at Wasson Bluff
Parrsboro, Nova Scotia has some of the most stunning views of the Bay of Fundy, and September is one of the most beautiful times of year to visit this area.

Low-tide was this around 2 pm this afternoon, so it was a great time to get to Wasson Bluff for a few hours of prospecting field work. It was a productive afternoon with several new specimens collected.

These specimens will be examined tomorrow in the Fossil Research Lab at the Fundy Geological Museum.  If you visit the museum this weekend (Sept 6-7th), ask about the specimens at the front counter. We’ll let you know where you can see these new specimens yourself.

Stay tuned to the Museum’s Facebook page for updates on these specimens.






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