Jurassic Fossil Digs 2016-17

A project to systematically collect and document small vertebrate fossils eroding from the earliest Jurassic sandstone units at Wasson Bluff began in 2015. In the summers of 2016 and 2017, the Fundy Geological Museum hosted public excavations to assist in the surface collecting and screening of near surface exposures of a section of fluvial sandstone… Continue reading Jurassic Fossil Digs 2016-17

Coastal Erosion and Drawing

The Wasson Bluff site is designated under the Special Places Protection Act (1989) as a protected place that prohibits any collection of fossils or minerals without obtaining a Heritage Research Permit. The following work was carried out under an approved Heritage Research Permit (2015). Status of the Cliff Exposures The erosion of the coastal cliffs… Continue reading Coastal Erosion and Drawing

September Field Season

I have the best office view inĀ  Canada There is not a more beautiful time of year in Parrsboro than September and October. The weather is perfect, with lots of sun in the day but refreshing cool evenings. Low-tide was this around 2 pm this afternoon, so it was a great time to get to… Continue reading September Field Season