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  • Charles Lyell Drawing in Nova Scotia

    Charles Lyell Drawing in Nova Scotia

    This online article relates to the “Working With Charles Lyell Workshop” at the University of Edinburgh, February 8-9, 2024. These topics are part of a larger project examining the ‘culture of geology’ and connections between Edinburgh and Nova Scotia. This article focuses on Charles Lyell’s notebooks from his visit to Nova Scotia in July and…

  • GeoHeritage Maps

    GeoHeritage Maps

    A project to conserve and clean a series of geoheritage maps at the Nova Scotia Museum is underway. This geoheritage project is supported by the Atlantic Geoscience Society in 2023. The maps date back to the 1870s and were exhibited at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. Nearly a dozen maps from the exhibition are…

  • Jurassic Fossil Digs 2016-17

    Jurassic Fossil Digs 2016-17

    A project to systematically collect and document small vertebrate fossils eroding from the earliest Jurassic sandstone units at Wasson Bluff began in 2015. In the summers of 2016 and 2017, the Fundy Geological Museum hosted public excavations to assist in the surface collecting and screening of near surface exposures of a section of fluvial sandstone…