Research Projects 2013

The website was developed to provide a dialogue and updates about ongoing research projects related to the Mesozoic vertebrate paleontology in the Bay of Fundy.  The Facebook page has a growing audience – and provides an excellent way to share photos and videos related to ongoing field work or research projects.  Posts like this on the website are also meant to help organize and structure research projects, to allow public engagement with ongoing natural history sciences.

Leigh van Drecht and Vicki Daley

The 2013 expedition at Wasson Bluff occurred from August 9-18th, with a crew of 4-6 people working along the beautiful shores of the Bay of Fundy.  Several new dis-articulated bones were discovered during this year’s field work.  There was a vertebra, digit from the pes (back foot), a small rib and a large portion of what may be a skull/jaw element. Several specimens will be picked up from the Fundy Geological Museum and examined briefly in Halifax (Dalhousie University and Nova Scotia Museum).

A manuscript is nearly complete, describing a new occurrence in the McCoy Brook Formation for a mammal-like reptile Family (Tritylodontidae). The paper will be shared with co-authors and then submitted for publication (target of Jan 2014).

Photogrammetry 3D digital models will be developed from the data collected during the recent dig. A new pilot project to create 3D digital photograms of previously collected blocks of articulated dinosaurs material is being planned.  The 3D digital projects will also be completed by January 2014.

Two honours students from Dalhousie Earth Science will be completing research projects based on the Wasson Bluff locality. On Saturday I will be returning to Wasson Bluff to meet with Dr. Martin Gibling and Colin Price to examine the ‘fish bed’ section examined last year.








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