GeoHeritage Maps

A project to conserve and clean a series of geoheritage maps at the Nova Scotia Museum is underway. This geoheritage project is supported by the Atlantic Geoscience Society in 2023.

The maps date back to the 1870s and were exhibited at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. Nearly a dozen maps from the exhibition are being cleaned, photographed, and prepared for exhibition.

Like this one….

Below are a couple examples of the geoheritage maps, two maps related to David Honeyman’s studies of glacial geology.

Honeyman’s Glacial Geology Maps

Glacial geology maps of Halifax Harbour and Nova Scotia produced by Dr. Rev. David Honeyman, the first Curator of the Provincial Museum of Nova Scotia (now Nova Scotia Museum).

Zoom-View Heritage Maps

CLICK on a map to open Zoom-able views of the maps.

Halifax Harbour – Geology Chart 1 (Bedrock Geology). Based on surveys completed from May 1870 to November 1872.

Halifax Harbour – Geology Chart 2 (Glacial Geology). Based on surveys from 1873 through 1876, and excursions in 1884.

These maps were exhibited at the 1876 Philadelphia Exhibition and also used during field excursions and conference presentations for the Geologists’ Association in 1883 and the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1884.

Share your Views

If you zoom into the maps, you can share views of interesting details by copying the url when centered on a desired view.

Give it a try, share a detail found in one of the maps along with the link to your view.






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