Fundy Dinosaur Field Notes 1511

Hurricane Patricia Storm Surge On Thursday October 29th the remnants of Hurricane Patricia rolled through the Maritimes. The storm coincided with a particularly high tide (14.1 meters) that was forecast to occur in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. The storm surge resulting from the post-hurricane storm caused damage along the Parrsboro Shore of the Bay of Fundy.… Continue reading Fundy Dinosaur Field Notes 1511

An Exciting New Year

As a museum-based researcher I enjoy sharing regular updates about research and discoveries occurring at the Fundy Geological Museum. It is rewarding to respond to questions from museum visitors and members, and exciting to share the new discoveries made in the field or research lab. The online updates have attracted many people to become involved… Continue reading An Exciting New Year

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New Field Season Begins

Yesterday marked the start of a new year of field work. The sky was threatening rain, so there was only enough time for one hour of quick prospecting. Attention was focused on examining a couple of sites where fossils have been found in previous years. Wedge was on this trip, looking for tennis balls that… Continue reading New Field Season Begins

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