2016 Field Work Begins

The Fundy Geological Museum is the centre for field research related to the Triassic and Jurassic fossil sites located in Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy region. The Jurassic sandstone cliffs of the Parrsboro shore represent a time of great global change. Fault lines that cut through these rocks and dinosaur bones represent massive earthquakes that… Continue reading 2016 Field Work Begins

Research Projects 2013

The eDinos.ca website was developed to provide a dialogue and updates about ongoing research projects related to the Mesozoic vertebrate paleontology in the Bay of Fundy.  The Facebook page has a growing audience – and provides an excellent way to share photos and videos related to ongoing field work or research projects.  Posts like this… Continue reading Research Projects 2013

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Volunteers and Science

Paleontology seems unique among the sciences for the large amount of time and effort that volunteers contribute to the research activity and field discoveries.  As the 2013 Bay of Fundy Dinosaur Dig has finished, it is striking how much time and energy people contributed to the field work.  Thank you to all those in the… Continue reading Volunteers and Science