Historic News 1927

In March 1927, members of the Professional Institute of the Civil Service gathered at the National Museum in Ottawa. During the Conversazione, the members had the opportunity to view new exhibits of fossils from across Canada, including Alberta dinosaurs and the fossil forests of Joggins, Nova Scotia. (Ottawa Citizen).

A most attractive program is being prepared with a plan of the Museum showing the precise location of the exhibits enumerated. Departments of the government exhibiting are: Interior, Mines, Agriculture, Marine and Fisheries. It is anticipated that the tour of the exhibits will take two hours and, to preclude the possibility of congestion, tours will be carried on simultaneously on each of the four floors of the Museum. Departmental officials will be on hand to fully explain their exhibits and answer any queries regarding the same. From 11 pm to 1 am, moving pictures will be shown in the lecture hall to convey an adequate idea of the immensity of Canada’s natural resources in wild life, parks, timber, fisheries, mines and cereals. Ottawa Citizen Mar 4

The Conversazione will be under the chairmanship of Mr. Fred Cook. Dr. B. R. MacKay will be the convener and others associated with him will be: H. W. Cheney, Dr. M. E. Wilson, Dr. R. M. Anderson, P. A. Taverner, H. I. Smith, D. Jenness, also the heads of the branches of various departments.

Note: Diamond Jenness was the Head of Anthropology at the National Museum.
The Ottawa Citizen Thu Mar 24 1927

The presentations included new methods of conservation, including removal of rust from iron by electrolysis. (March 24, Ottawa Citizen)

In March 1935, the Museum was recognized as a “Landmark of National Achievement”. Through the careful work of palaeontologists obtained objects of instruction and interest displayed in the most elaborate and beautiful ways. (Google News Archive).

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