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Museum Ball Cap

This week I joined the team of the Fundy Geological Museum. As Director of the museum, I will be building capacity for museum visitation, education programs, and research.

The FGM is located in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, on the northern shore of the Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy. The Town is a jewel in northern Nova Scotia, filled with creative people with inspiring stories. There are also dinosaurs in the sandstone cliffs!

One of the first tasks on my first day as Director was to begin working with the Acadia University co-op students, to reorganize the museum’s fossil preparation lab. During the next six weeks the students will begin training on fossil preparation, the job of carefully exposing the fragile fossil bone.

fossil lab cleaning

The photo (right) shows us at the start of our work of cleaning the reorganizing the lab space. By the end of the week we will have two fossil preparation stations established.

The museum’s fossil preparation lab is unique in Atlantic Canada. We are the only fully equipped fossil preparation lab east of Montreal. Visitors to the museum can look into the fossil lab from the exhibit gallery, and this summer, students working in the lab will come out to the gallery to answer questions. Come the museum this summer to see dinosaur bones being cleaned in the lab.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Fundy Geological Museum fossil preparation lab.

I will also be leading a small research collection expedition this summer, to collect new small vertebrate remains from the Wasson Bluff research site. Stay tuned to the Facebook page and Twitter @FundyGeo for more updates from the lab and the field.

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