Page of text from the book Travels in North America and a fold out lithograph of the top and bottom of a piece of dried mud with bird footprints

Lyell’s Travels in Nova Scotia

On July 18, 1842, Charles Lyell, and his wife Mary Horner Lyell, arrived in Nova Scotia for one month of travel and study of the region’s geology. The trip is well documented in the second volume of Lyell’s Travels in North America, published in 1845.

In 2019, the University of Edinburgh purchased the 261 research Notebooks of Charles Lyell, which include notes from his famous trip to Nova Scotia.

A publication is being prepared that focuses on the first part of the Lyells’ trip, the first two weeks traveling from Halifax to Joggins and Pictou, This portion of the trip is represented in Charles Lyell’s Notebook 103, which includes interesting sketches and notes of (now) famous geology sites.

Three redrawn and transcribed pages (70, 72, and 74) from Notebook 103, showing panoramic views of Horton Bluff and Blue Beach

A four-part short-video series was produced to summarize the significant travel events and sites, linking the locations with pages from Notebooks 103 and 104.






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