Geology of Bird Islands

Nova Scotia’s abundant coastlines and rich geological history provide many places with significant geology. Therefore, we can see interesting geology in the places where we live, work, and play. Lobster fishermen working around the Bird Islands in northern Cape Breton are able to see some unique geology as well as a diversity of sea birds.… Continue reading Geology of Bird Islands

Recent work in Urban Geology

During the past several years I have been working on several urban geology projects around Nova Scotia. As a museum curator, my approach with urban geology has been to: Workshops & Urban GeoTours In October, I presented an “Urban Geology” workshop at the Atlantic Science Teachers Conference. Fifteen teachers from across the province shared their… Continue reading Recent work in Urban Geology

Principles of Sidewalk Geology

Concrete sidewalks are interesting public spaces, or rather public non-spaces. Sidewalks are places of transit, places of transition from here to there, often overlooked because of their functional nature. Yet concrete sidewalks are perhaps the most accessible aspect of urban geology, providing opportunities to study geological material and processes. Foundation Knowledge The principles of sidewalk… Continue reading Principles of Sidewalk Geology