Fundy Dinosaur Field Notes 1511

Hurricane Patricia Storm Surge On Thursday October 29th the remnants of Hurricane Patricia rolled through the Maritimes. The storm coincided with a particularly high tide (14.1 meters) that was forecast to occur in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia. The storm surge resulting from the post-hurricane storm caused damage along the Parrsboro Shore of the Bay of Fundy.… Continue reading Fundy Dinosaur Field Notes 1511

Jurassic Dinosaur GF69

Two Hundred Million Years Ago At the dawn of the Jurassic Period – a small group of dinosaurs was rapidly buried by a sand dune that collapsed on edge of a seasonal river channel. These 200 million year old Jurassic dinosaur skeletons are found today on the northern shore of the Bay of Fundy, near… Continue reading Jurassic Dinosaur GF69