DinoHunt Canada

You can now watch Episode 3 of DinoHunt Canada on YouTube. The four part series originally aired on History Channel in January of 2015. Episode 3 “The Dawn of the Dinosaurs” focuses on the dinosaur bones and footprints found on the shores of Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy. Watch the episode to see how the… Continue reading DinoHunt Canada

Volunteers and Science

Paleontology seems unique among the sciences for the large amount of time and effort that volunteers contribute to the research activity and field discoveries.  As the 2013 Bay of Fundy Dinosaur Dig has finished, it is striking how much time and energy people contributed to the field work.  Thank you to all those in the… Continue reading Volunteers and Science


The  Bay of Fundy Dinosaur Dig has concluded for 2013. This year’s field work was extremely successful; with the collection of over 15 new isolated dinosaur bones, the discovery of a new small-vertebrate site, and a new detailed analysis of the sediment context of the dinosaur bone bed. Thank you to all of the crew… Continue reading Untitled