On an Ancient Shoreline

The Bay of Fundy is a magical place. Whales can be seen in the deeper water of the Bay during the summer, coming here to feed and play in the warmer water. Along the shoreline the highest tides in the world rise and fall 15 meters twice a day. The Canadian winter storms unleash large… Continue reading On an Ancient Shoreline

New Year

The Earthquake Dinosaurs (eDinos.ca) website was created two years ago to provide an opportunity to share information about dinosaur paleontology research work being done along the shores of Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy.  The website has provided an opportunity to share information about new discoveries (like the mammal-like reptile tooth) and share updates about new… Continue reading New Year

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Records of Scientific Inquiry

The Earthquake Dinosaurs Facebook page provides new levels of online community engagement.  At the time of writing this post, there are 1938 individuals receiving updates when new steps have been taken research projects.  In a year’s time that number might become much larger (10,000 or more). The global Facebook audience widens the opportunity for social… Continue reading Records of Scientific Inquiry