Jurassic Fossil Digs 2016-17

A project to systematically collect and document small vertebrate fossils eroding from the earliest Jurassic sandstone units at Wasson Bluff began in 2015. In the summers of 2016 and 2017, the Fundy Geological Museum hosted public excavations to assist in the surface collecting and screening of near surface exposures of a section of fluvial sandstone… Continue reading Jurassic Fossil Digs 2016-17

Historic News 1927

In March 1927, members of the Professional Institute of the Civil Service gathered at the National Museum in Ottawa. During the Conversazione, the members had the opportunity to view new exhibits of fossils from across Canada, including Alberta dinosaurs and the fossil forests of Joggins, Nova Scotia. (Ottawa Citizen). The presentations included new methods of… Continue reading Historic News 1927

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Geology of Bird Islands

Nova Scotia’s abundant coastlines and rich geological history provide many places with significant geology. Therefore, we can see interesting geology in the places where we live, work, and play. Lobster fishermen working around the Bird Islands in northern Cape Breton are able to see some unique geology as well as a diversity of sea birds.… Continue reading Geology of Bird Islands